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Come on, Zombie! Ain't nobody got that for that?Come on, Zombie! 戰況激烈 誰敢挑戰 ?

Posted on April 10th, 2013 by 高重建

Come on, Zombie! play FREE and WIN an iPad mini!Come on, Zombie! 限時免費,再送iPad mini!

Posted on March 14th, 2013 by 高重建

1/ Come on, Zombie! is worldwide released, Limited time for FREE to download

Download on the App Store

2/ Play Come on, Zombie! for FREE to win an iPad Mini!




Event Details

The person received the most Life Pack in Come on, Zombie! will be awarded a iPad mini!

Event Duration

From 2013/03/15 – 04/30, cutoff time is at 00:00, 04/30 (GMT+8, Hong Kong Time).

Prize Details

iPad mini, wifi 16gb (1pc)

Prize Eligibility

  • You must be players (hereafter referred as participants) of Come on, Zombie!, and connected to Facebook to play the game.
  •  Received Life Pack means that the participant needs to send a request for Life Pack through Facebook to your friends in Come on, Zombie! Meanwhile your friends need to be a player of Come on, Zombie! and accepts the request to send you Life Pack(s). Participants need to open the game again to confirm the receipt of the Life Pack and this last action is then regarded as an effective receipt of a Life Pack in our server record.
  • The person received the most Life Pack (i.e. an effective receipt of it as mentioned above) at the cutoff time is the only person eligible for the prize (hereafter referred as Winner).
  • Participant needs to like our Facebook fans page of Come on, Zombie! and Lakoo to facilitate the prize confirmation process.
  • Participant needs to be in any area covered by Apple iPad mini free delivery.

Arrangement of the Prize

  • Lakoo Games Limited will retrieve all the data from the server of Come on, Zombie! to get the information of the Winner. We will then confirm the Facebook identity with the Winner and confirm the details of the prize delivery.
  • The result of the event will be announced in 5 working days after the cutoff time.
  • If the Winner has not responded to the announcement after 14 days, the Winner will no longer be eligible for the prize.
  • The winner will directly receive the Prize from Apple Store delivery.
  • Prize cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, other products or offers.

General Terms

  • Staff of Lakoo Games Limited are not eligible to participate.
  • In the event of disputes, Lakoo Games Limited reserves the right to make the final decisions.
  • Participant shall be solely responsible for any expense payable in connection with his / her participation in this promotion or redeeming or using the Prize.

[Revolution 2050] Golden Box Upgrade [Revolution 2050] Golden Box 新增道具!

Posted on March 4th, 2013 by 高重建

With a bunch of new and awesome items added into the pool of Golden Box, try it out now!

Golden Box - Revolution 2050

The Revolution 2050 forum is also available now. See you there, commander!


[Revolution 2050] Weekly Event [Revolution 2050] 每週活動

Posted on February 25th, 2013 by 高重建

Get ready for the 2 new activities starting from this week!

Event time: Ongoing event (limited time)

1. 50 “Fist of Ares” will be rewarded to players who are Lv15 or higher. Train up your level now!
2. All members of the top 3 alliances, upon 00:00 midnight (GMT-5) Monday, will receive 50 “Fist of Ares”.

Every week, rewards will be sent out at 00:00 midnight (GMT-5), Monday.

[Empire Online] Spring Festival Event

Posted on February 3rd, 2013 by 高重建

Event Duration: Feb 4-20

The Chinese Spring Festival is coming!

We’ve invited our Asian friends coming to Empire Online to celebrate this awesome festival with us.

Complete the Spring Festival Event and get all kinds of valuable chests, pets, mounts, fashion now!

Wish you a happy Spring Festival in Empire Online!

[Empire Online] New Year Update Preview《帝國Online》新年活動預覽!

Posted on February 1st, 2013 by 高重建

Some kind of bandits are trying to invade Empire Online in Lunar New Year. Get prepared for the new year challenge now!



Posted on January 28th, 2013 by 高重建





[Empire Online] New Year Gem Chest Now Available

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by 高重建

Event time: Jan 28 – Feb 3

Now you’ll get one New Year Gem Chest per US20 IAP purchases (character based), which randomly gives you summer pack or winter pack upon opening the chest!

So get the awesome New Year Gem Chest now for those who missed the summer pack and winter pack before! The New Year Gem Chest contains Rare materials and equipments, and even the King’s Mount, and many more.

Note: Our game server will retrieve your purchase data regularly and the reward will be sent to your character in 3 days.

[Empire Online] Post-Doomsday Event – Winner announcement

Posted on January 24th, 2013 by 高重建

Winner announced for the rare items on the January events:


King’s Gem:
波波渣渣 Lv62 KungFu Fighter

Dog God Gem:
SiFuWong Lv48 KungFu Fighter
哥繫擼傑 Lv60 Artificer


King’s Gem:
Ichidon Lv48 KungFu Fighter

Dog God Gem:
RedAsian Lv62 Warrior
Reis Lv62 KungFu Fighter

Upcoming event: Chinese new year.


Keep updated for the news announcement here.

[Empire Online] Post-Doomsday Celebrations

Posted on January 8th, 2013 by 高重建

Time to celebrate we are still alive after the Doomsday! Get ready for the coming Chinese New Year challenge now.

1. Online Reward

Duration: 11-28January, server time
Get a New Year Blessing gift pack by staying online for two hours per day! (New Year Blessing: Random chance to get card, fashion, mount and many more!)

2. IAP Boost

Duration: 11-20 January, server time
For every US5 IAP purchase, you can get a diamond. Take this Diamond to Nine Dragons and complete a quest, you can get 100 silver coins and 10000 exp.

3. New Year New Items!

Duration: 11-20 January, server time
Super Pets will be available very soon and we are offering a great chance for you to get it before the official release. Let’s check out how to get these awesome items in advance!

a/ King’s Gem – 100% chance to get Conqueror’s Maid.
Requirements: Character with the highest IAP purchase on each server within the event period.
Total reward per server: 1

b/ Dog GodGem – Summon a dog god (50%) or a dog god (mutant) (50%)
Requirements: Characters with the second and third highest IAP purchase on each server within the event period.
Total reward per server: 2

c/ Steelman Summon Gem
During the period, for every US20 recharge in IAP, your character will receive one Steelman Summon Gem (Chance to get a legendary Steelman) and New Year Blessing.

Note: In this event, our game server will retrieve your purchase data regularly and the reward will be sent to your character in 3 days.