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Happy new year

Posted on January 1st, 2016 by 高重建

On behalf of Lakoo, i’d like to thanks for everyone’s support and forgiveness in 2015. Other than Glory Chronicle, which we will definitely do our best to improve, we will be launching Teon, Pandora Maze, Knights of Fairyland and Metal Fire. 4 titles. It appears like we can do a few games in a year, but friends all know Lakoo is possibly the slowest company in the industry, and haven’t handed in her “homework” for a few years already. Among the titles above, all the development were indeed started 2-5 years ago. 2016 will be the year in which this “heads-down” company gets up and face the world. Been looking forward. Stay tuned.

The story of Glory1988

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Glory Chronicle Worldview – Children Monthly Digest

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As a good student, Chris Wong has a habit of reading the newspaper. However, the newspaper she read has been considered ‘ridiculously immature’ by Kojiro. Although it was called a monthly newspaper, it was actually published daily and it included articles about comics, cartoons, riddles, video games, science, even educational tutorial exercises.

But, ever since Chris Wong found out that Kojiro also read riddles from Direction Daily’s “Happy Place” section, he has not made fun of Chris’s reading habits.