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Tester Wanted!

Posted on June 26th, 2012 by 高重建

Thanks to our writer, the localization for our title Shanhai Story (Tentative name, that’s why we need your help to name it!) will finish very soon. To improve the quality of our games as well as to hear about the comments before the launch of the English market, we are excited to have YOUR help to take part in the game development process!

Check the information below to know more about the details of the beta test.

Story Outline:

Explore in a world with demons and become the warrior to bring peace to the world!

A more hardcore ARPG, with stunning graphics, more than 50 unique maps for you to explore.

Device Requirements:

If you would like to participate in the beta testing, please ensure that you have an iPhone 3GS or above, or iPod Touch 3rd gen or above.

Total playing time:

We estimate the total playing time for the whole game will be around 12 hours.

Details of the CB:

We expect the beta version will be available around mid-July. And we hope to finish the whole CB in around 1~2 weeks.

(We are rushing to finish this because we are so eager to let our fans play the game ASAP!)


As we need our testers to go through the whole game and report any bugs and language problems in the game, we will offer a small amount of monetary rewards after we confirm the test is completed.

We will also include you in the credit list because you are one of our IMPORTANT TEAM MEMBERS!

You need to be:

  • A native English speaker
  • RPG Lover, especially with experience in playing ARPG on the iOS/Android platform
  • Able to spend 12 hours to play through the whole game, and at the same time reporting any problems you’ve found in the game
  • a fan of Lakoo (YAY!)

How to apply:

If you are interested to try out Shanhai Story, please fill in the form below. [closed]

Please feel free to introduce yourself and your gaming experience because this time we only have very limited slots available for the testers!

UPDATE: We have sent out the invitation to the selected testers already.