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The Spring Festival is coming! 新年春節活動要開始啦~ 恭喜恭喜

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by 高重建

Chinese New Year is coming soon! To celebrate the most important of the traditional Chinese holiday (also know as Spring Festival), we are hosting a brand new series of Spring Festival Events!

People of Empire Online have gathered at the Lucky Square filled with excitement and cheer as the Spring Festival arrives! The God of Wealth has arrived the lands of Arcadia to help those in need. As soon as the people found out they hurried to prepare a festival to celebrate and welcome him. It’s rumored that the God of Wealth loves to eat fishes so the people have gathered at Divine Lake to catch the precious fishes there!

After the feast, the God of Wealth revealed his secret mission when visiting Arcadia. He suspects an evil fierce beast named Nian is hiding in the forests somewhere near Nine Dragons. Nian enjoy eating a lot, from tiny bugs to living human! Urban legends has been told for years about Nian which scared most people in different empires. This time, the God of Wealth has came to gather all the heroes and unite them to slay Nian at it’s hideout — the Nian Cave.

Event Time: 18/01/2012 18:00PM until 29/01/2012 18:00PM

Quests walkthrough:
1. Head to Lucky Square via the event panel.
2. Find the Nice Old Woman and help her with her special dish.
3. Defeat Nian: Nian, the ferocious beast is hiding in the forests somewhere near Nine Dragons. Find him and slay him!
4. Dancing Lion’s Head: A lion dance was prepared to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But a naughty kid has played a prank and stole the dancing lion’s head! Without it the dance is not complete! Find the lion’s head while avoiding the kids’ firecrackers!
5. The evil trio: Three evil gods Ahriman, Doom God, and Poor God has arrived to disrupt the festival! Defeat them and drive them away before they hurt anyone!
6. Crafter: During the Chinese New Year Festival, players will get random blessings from monsters. Collect them and rearrange them in a proper order to win all sorts of equipment! Such as the Tiger King Mount, Gold Mermaid and many others! Good luck!

The reward list:
– Dragon Chest (Lv20, 35, and 50)
– New Year Fashion (separated for male and female)
– Blessing Charm for New Year (15 Days or Permanent)
– Holy Dragon Suit
– Spring Claymore
– Snow Dragon mount

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