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Free 5000G for updating Dawn of Magic!

Posted on February 1st, 2012 by 高重建

To celebrate the release of Dawn of Magic v2.0, we are glad to launch an event giving out 5000G for all the players in the game!

Head to the App Store and update Dawn of Magic to the latest v2.0 now!

Event details:

1/ Update Dawn of Magic to v2.0 in App Store
2/ Go to the redeem code interface (Options -> Redeem Code)
3/ Ensure your have wireless internet connection
4/ Enter the code “happy2012” in it and get 5000G for free!


1/ The code will expire on 7 Feb 2012
2/ Each device is eligible for redeeming the prize once

Other than the 5000G bonus, you can also enjoy the new D-Pad, side quest, increased item drop rate and other awesome features in the new version! Have a happy time to continue your adventure with Jack!

Still didn’t try Dawn of Magic? Download it for free now!

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