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New Daily Quest update

Posted on September 14th, 2011 by 高重建

It’s been awhile since we had new quests for Empire Online, so we’ve decided to release a new series of hide and seek quests for you before the next major update ^_^

Dodger Colin Quest:
Still remember that guy named Dodger Colin?  And you worked so hard to find him and released at the end there were no rewards? Well we have decided to make it worth you while now. Look for Dodger Colin in the following places and he will give you a reward. Also, this is a daily mission so you can repeat it everyday!

Once you have found him in every location in order, he will give you a strawberry. Upon collecting 10 strawberries you will be able to use them to exchange for a mount! (What? Mounts are not released? Hint hint: keep them in your stash and you will be able to exchange for one soon!)

Some of the locations Dodger Colin has hidden is inside instances and are harder to reach, to help players reach these locations easier we have also organized Hero’s Palace. Inside Hero’s Palace players can warp to instances, it will cut all the troublesome travelling and quests in order to gain access to instances!

Note that the quest will only last for 10 Days, so you MUST complete it everyday in order to get 10 strawberries to claim the mount reward! (Oops did I say something I shouldn’t?)

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