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Empire Online Final Debugging

Posted on November 6th, 2010 by 高重建

Hello gamers,

We are proud to announce that Empire Online will be launched on 15th January, 2011! We will soon begin its final stage of debugging and we are recruiting for your help! Help us localize and polish the game’s dialogues, spelling, spacing, bugs, grammar, faulty quests, etc. Cash rewards will be given per suggestion accepted by our team! The final stage of debugging will last for 10 straight days, assigned testing maps will be available via teleporting NPCs for testers each day. If you are interested, please refer to the details below and sign up for your account now!

If you wish to participate into closed beta 2, please pay attention to the details below:

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself in your application, it is not mandatory to provide us with all your personal details but it is recommended to provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can understand more about you and your  background. Info such as your current city, age, gender, current occupation, your mother language, network access, and which iDevice you plan to use for closed beta 2. (Note: We are concerned about which iDevice you are using, so that we  can compare if the same bug will occur on other kinds of iDevices. But it is unnecessary to provide your UDIDs)

2. Only one account will be given per approved applicant.

3. You are requested to help with localizing the dialogues in the game, providing better wordings, grammars, spacing, and also finding bugs in the game. You are also welcomed to provide general suggestions (such as network speed, lag issues, etc) about the game to make Empire Online better, but it may or may not be payable depending on the rationality of the suggestion.

4. Please be as detailed as possible, anything that is involved regarding the suggestion should be provided so that we can handle it efficiently. (ie. If you are reporting a translation suggestion, please provide the map name, NPC name, name of quest and indicate which part of the dialog you think should be changed). Below is a suggestion template you can refer to when submitting suggestions:

  • Map Name:
  • NPC Name:
  • Screen shot:
  • Suggestion:

5. We will be paying $1 USD per idea accepted, we guarantee we will be fair on this issue. If your suggestion was accepted but a better solution is provided later by another user, both of you will be paid (But we do not pay multiple times within the same dialog, so if you found several errors within one dialog we will only pay $1 USD). Also, we will be updating the paid list daily (or bi-daily) to indicate which users are paid for their suggestions. (Note: Our prioritized and recommended payment method is PayPal, so please remember to tell us your “PayPal account e-mail” when you register for closed beta 2. If you have doubts regarding payment methods please e-mail us).

6. There is no upper limit on your payable amount, the more ideas accepted by us means the more you will earn, just be sure that your suggestions are rational then there is a high possibility that you will be rewarded for them!

Don’t hesitate, e-mail us at CB@lakoo.com for your closed beta 2 account!