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[Empire Online] Event: Build Your Empire!

Posted on September 3rd, 2012 by 高重建

Event time: Sept 3-10, Server Time (PST)
Server: Bosnia Only
Winners: Empires with the most Palace level increase in the event period
Prize: 1000 Iron, 1000 Stone, 1000 Wood, and 3000 Silver Coins

Event Details:

Time to build your Empire and get rewards!

For every Iron, Stone and Wood contribution to the Empire that exceeds 100 units (for a single resource), 10% of them will be returned to that player after the event as a bonus.

For every silver coin contribution exceeds 1000 silver, 20% of the amount will also redeemed to the players after the event.

During the event, resources package is available in the shops that you can buy 50 units for 200 silver coins only!