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Empire Online Closed Beta Round 2 Launch Date

Posted on November 21st, 2010 by 高重建

Round 2 of Empire Online Closed Beta will commence on Wednesday, 24th of November 2011 (UTC +08:00.) The server is temporary closed right now for optimizing purposes. All closed beta testers will be allowed to login again on Wednesday.

We will be doubling our cash payment rewards per suggestion accepted. Which means we will pay $2 USD for every suggestion accepted. The rules of Closed beta will be exactly as the same as closed beta round 1. If you are new to Empire Online and wish to join the closed beta, please refer to the link here and carefully read the instructions since it may affect your payments in round 2.

There is no decided end date for closed beta round 2. We will be taking suggestions and tweaking the game until and after we have submitted the game for launch!

Don’t miss it! E-mail cb@lakoo.com for your account and wait anxiously for the start of closed beta round 2!