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Thanksgiving Event!感恩節活動上線啦~

Posted on November 23rd, 2011 by 高重建

It’s Thanksgiving! Players of Empire Online should share this warm moment with friends and family as well as their empire allies! We have also scheduled an event for everyone with prizes to win! So head on to Carmi Farmland and explore!

Maps: Carmi Farmland, Flaming Carmi
Requirements: You must be at least Lv20 to participate in this event

1. Speak with Suey in Carmi Farmland, and complete her tasks.
2. Find Loy and Nico as Suey instructed, and also complete their tasks.
– Hint: You can only choose either Nico’s or Loy’s task to do each day
3. Go back and learn more about the new job in Empire Online from Suey
4. Head to Flaming Carmi
5. Find and speak with Rastlin
– Hint: If you bring three Holder of Souls to Rastlin (Found from Chests of Thanksgiving Day) you will get a reward from him!

Don’t forget to check out the new type of weapon — Gun Lance!

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