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Pirate Gunner – Available for CB now!現在就參加Pirate Gunner的封測吧!

Posted on June 28th, 2011 by 高重建

The upcoming puzzle title of Black Pearl is looking for Closed Beta testers now!

Title: Pirate Gunner (Tentative)
Operating System: iOS
Genre: Puzzle
Tentative Start Date: 30 Jun
Roles of CB Testers:
A simple questionnaire will be given to you revealing the overall gaming experience of the game.

The gameplay is simple but challenging – you’ll need to link the broken fuses from left to right to fire the cannons to the enemy!

Story Mode: Your first adventure with the pirates
Puzzle Mode: Challenge the 50 amazing puzzles
Arcade mode: Infinite battles!

Please send us an e-mail to cb@lakoo.com to enrol in closed beta with subject “[PirateGunner] CB” with the following details:
1. Your iDevice (iPod/iPhone/iPad), including your iOS version and your UDID
2. Whether your iDevice is jailbroken
3. Your Gender
4. Age
5. Mother languange
6. Current geolocation

Enrol now if you are interested!

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