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Empire Online – v1.3 is live!

Posted on March 18th, 2011 by 高重建

Empire Online v1.3 updates you with –
1. Gold system is live!
2. Special aura will be added to your weapon if you have socketed 7 gems on it!
3. Loading screen with hints
4. Other in-game optimizations

What’s great about gold –
1. Exchange interface added in Shop – you can exchange gold for silver or copper
2. Trading with gold is now enabled!
3. Some premium items are available to purchase by gold only.

Update your Empire Online to v1.3 and enjoy all the new features now.

Our forum is available now and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Empire Online – Tips on Socketing (2)《帝國Online》寶石鑲嵌小提示 (2)

Posted on March 14th, 2011 by 高重建

You can socket a maximum of 20 gems on an equipment but they must be the same type of gems.

With a success rate of 50%, only one kind of gem can be socketed per equipment. Failure to socket will damage all the gems socketed before.

Visit ‘Shop’ to buy some gems for socketing now!