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Hero's Way – Available on the App Store (FREE!)勇者法則 – 殺進App Store了!

Posted on September 17th, 2011 by 高重建

Slay your way through 60 levels of monsters, ghost and ghouls in this action packed arcade-role playing game!

  • Responsive intuitive touch controls makes playing Hero’s Way effortless and fun!
  • Never the same level twice! Random level generation offers unique replays!
  • Gorgeous graphics, fluid animation, original musical score and digitally mastered sound effects immerse you into this epic world!
  • Over 300 items and weapons to customize your heroes with!


Empire Online – New Shaman Skill ‘Storm Sting’

Posted on March 28th, 2011 by 高重建

Now shamans get one new skill available – Storm Sting.

Storm Sting is a blowpipe skill targeting cross foes. Head towards Maya’s Tortivacan City and talk with the Shaman Trainer there to learn the new skill.

Enjoy using blowpipe as the Shamans do and use the new skill to slay monsters now!