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Happy Valentine’s Quest!帝國情人節任務來啦~

Posted on February 13th, 2012 by 高重建

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone =)

To celebrate this fabulous day, we are hosting our special Valentine’s quests! And guess what? The famous Rose weapon and shield are also back this year! Hor-ray! 

Event Time: 2012/2/13 18:00 – 2012/2/17 00:00 (PST)

Valentine’s Day mission!
Help the Cupid to gather the roses of his desire, roses could be hunted from monsters between Lv20-35. Completing the quest will grant you the Romantic Love chest, allowing you a chance to get the permanent Rose Weapon and other fashion suits!

Wedding Ceremony
Host YOUR wedding ceremony at the church! And get rewarded too! Couples will be blessed with the Wedding Fashion Chest and the lucky ones will receive permanent wedding suits, feel the love?

Cupid’s Wedding Shop:
Aside from the quest, Western and Eastern style wedding dresses are available for sale! Grab them and you can be the coolest couples!

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