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X’mas Event 2011 is coming!!!聖誕活動2011要來啦~

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by 高重建

HOHOHO~ Merry Christmas! Have you updated your Empire Online and get ready for the upcoming EXP boost Christmas and Christmas Events? Be sure to do so if you haven’t because the events will be live soon!

Event Dates & Time:
20/12/11 20:00 – 25/12/11 20:00 (PST -8):1.6x EXP boost (The boosted EXP stacks with EXP items and it’s also boosted for pets.)
21/12/11 20:00 – 25/12/11 20:00 (PST -8): Online Surprises: We will be sending gifts to all online players up to two times a day! Players who are online will receive Santa’s Smile or a Christmas Gift Box. (If you missed it, you can still purchase them from the shop.)
21/12/11 18:00 – 05/01/12 18:00 (PST -8) The main X’mas event quests, complete them for the best equips and items in town!

A Simple Guide to the X’mas event:
1. Go to Elizabeth avenue and speak with Santa
2. Santa will give you time limited X’mas gifts. You would randomly receive a X’mas armor, X’mas hat, or a reindeer mount!
3. After you received your Christmas gift, he will send you to the North Pole town if you speak with him again
4. Complete the quests “Santa’s Detectors”, “You can be Santa!”, “Berserk Reindeer”, and “The Evil Santa” (Note that some of the quests requires a strong team to get through the battle while others might require some grinding for items.)
5. Visit the Gift house located at the very end of the town to complete all of Santa’s quests
6. At last, choose the gift box of your choice and defeat it to open it! You can do this once a day (one chest per day), beware they won’t give up the prizes without fighting back!

Crafting permanent gifts for Christmas:
Players can gather materials and exchange them for permanent X’mas Hats, armor, or even the seasonal reindeer mount!

Although the quests are tough, they are certainly worthwhile! Check out the rewards below:
X’mas gift: There’s a chance you will get the Legendary Maid Gem
Santa Claus’s Rare gift: Randomly getting at most three rare rewards including equips and pets
Santa Claus’s Legendary gift: Randomly getting at most three legendary rewards including equips and pets
Santa Claus’s gift: Randomly getting legendary pets and all sorts of items including +2 gems

We hope all our players enjoy the Christmas event we prepared for you~ Wish you merry x’mas and a happy new year =D

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