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November Events in Empire Online

Posted on November 8th, 2012 by 高重建

Let’s take a quick look on the awesome events coming this November in Empire Online!

1. Online Rewards

Event time: From 9th Nov to 16th Nov
If your character is online for more than one hour, he or she will get 1 winter gift pack, 1 scroll of chance and 1 scroll of chance (Elite) per day. [Applicable for all the characters in your account]

2. Recharge Rewards

Event time: From 9th Nov to 30th Nov
Every 10 USD you recharge during the event time, you receive Super winter pack. The more you recharge, the more packs you will get.

3. Mr. Forever Alone

Empire Online

Event time: From 9th Nov to 14th Nov.
Mr. Forever Alone is offering his gifts to you. He is waiting you in Nine Dragon City. -(:D/ )=

4. 1.6x Exp time Weekend

Event time: From 10th Nov. to 11th. Nov
You will get 1.6x exp during this weekend. It can even be stacked with exp scrolls or fashion effects.


What’s new in the super winter pack:

You will have the chance to get super potions that enhance your stats, time limited fashion, Winter gem chest, winter esoteric chest, or some Legendary King’s mounts!!!

Also, we have put items from Moon Palace and Halloween into scroll of chance and scroll of chance (Elite). They can be bought from our “Shop”.