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Halloween Quests萬聖節任務

Posted on October 24th, 2011 by 高重建

On the night of Halloween, the Headless Knight is back from hell! The people of Arcadia are being threatened by the Headless Knight and his followers. Brave pioneers of Empire Online, please do your best to help those in need!

Event Dates: 26-Oct until 02-Nov

To fulfill his own happiness, the Headless Knight threatened the villages’ lives to force them decorate the town to welcome him…
1. Find the Village Leader Jeter, and agree to help the villagers to decorate the town
2. Find the villagers who are struggling and help them gather the required material (Repeatable)
Hint: Material required is different based on players’ levels
3. Once you help all the villagers, you will receive quest item Party Invitation

Dubai A
Upon receiving the Party Invitation, return to Jeter to enter Dubai A
1. Find the Little Wizard for a series of quests. Complete them and you will get sweets in return
2. Take all six set of sweets to the Little Wizard and you can fight the Headless Knight for the first time
3. Upon challenging him will grant you access to Dubai B

Dubai B
It’s a good idea to find teammates to fight against the Headless Knight and his crew!
Hint: Remember to speak with the Headless Knight first!
1. The Big Pumpkin Monster:
First defeat his crew then the Big Pumpkin Monster will come out! But be careful because there is more than one of them!
2. The old Witch:
Similar to the Pumpkin Monsters, the Old Witch is hiding behind her follower! Once you become tired from the repeated fights she will come out and try to defeat you!
3. Headless Knight:
After all you have gone through, this is the final battle! Defeat the Headless Knight once and for all! (Each character can only challenge him once, but players may buy the quest reset scroll and challenge him over and over again!)

The very first Halloween Instance is very tough, I’m sure everyone feels challenged! But for all your hard-work into helping the villagers will not be wasted, check out these great rewards:

Halloween Sweet Bag: Sweet Candies that buffs all sorts of stats
Headless Knight’s Award: A chance to get permanent equip, fashion suits, and special mounts!
Box of Halloween Lottery: A chance to get all sorts of permanent equipment including the Headless Knight’s Award
Halloween Lottery Ticket: Used to exchange for the Lottery box, it can also be bought from the Pumpkin Hat Trader
Gold Box of Halloween Lottery: A chance to get all sorts of equipment including Headless Knight’s Award

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