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Hero’s Way: Insider Tips (1)

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 by 高重建

Thanks you guys supporting Hero’s Way! We’ve made it to the Top RPG and strategy game in various places!

Until now, we’ve received lots of questions and ideas about how to play Hero’s Way. If you would like to enhance your skill levels in playing the game, stay with us here and we’ll continue to unveil lots of tips of playing the game!

Selecting Your Team

One of the best combinations is actually the preset team of: warrior, rogue and the witch. That way you can deal with the various monsters you’ll face; be it close or long range battles, you’ll be covered.

The Witch has the strongest magical attacks, but has the lowest defense among all the heroes. She’s best used for long ranged attacks.


Each class has unique weapons that can deliver various magical attacks. Power Attacks are more powerful than regular attacks, so finding a good weapon with one will help you decimate your enemies.

Weapons with lightning attacks deal out higher damage and have faster attack speeds.

The Rogue can fire multiple arrows. Try using the Stunning Bow+3. The attack damage may not be the strongest at 3-9 (x3), but the Power Attack makes it great against bosses. While stunning the enemy, your other teammates can finish them off.

With the Witch…

  •  Try out Lightning Strike Staff +3, which unleashes lightening attacks that can penetrate the environment enemies maybe hiding behind.
  • Try out Arcane Staff +3 if you like hitting multiple targets, as it’s a penetrating laser type attack.

Let’s continue tomorrow, shall we? :p