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Classes’ Tips (1/5) – Wizard

Posted on February 7th, 2011 by 高重建

It’s been almost a month since Empire Online’s release, many players are already into level 40s!

Starting today we will be releasing tips for each class, and today we will start with our GM character -Master-‘s class: Wizard

Wizards are mainly divided into two types: Magic based or Curse based
Magic based wizards are focused on using magic skills and deal damages to foes while curse based wizards will be focused on using debuffs such as poison, reduce damage, reduce defense, chaos, etc gaining control over bosses or other players during PvP fights.

We suggest players to level up as a magic based wizard at the beginning with area of effect (AoE) skills such as Freezing Rain or Thunder Boom then later focusing on curse skills for PvP fights. For stats, players might want to get a good balance between INT and WIL. INT will increase MP (Mana Points) by a large amount, magic power, and also some magic defense while WIL increases MP by a smaller amount, but provides more magic power and defense. WIL also increases speed and curse & element hit, which is one of the criteria when calculating magic damage! Focusing on INT or WIL have their own Pros and Cons, discuss with other players for their builds and results!

A wizard can deal a large amount of damage
if the target has low magic defense!
(Elemental and Curse Resist)

Since wizards tend to have low defense and HP (Health Points), players might consider to learn some passive warrior’s skills to increase defense and HP.