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In Reply to Unauthorized In-App Purchasing

Posted on December 13th, 2010 by 高重建

To the media, gamers and Apple representatives,

This is an official announcement to clarify the accuses being made
towards Lakoo.

In the past couple days, there were a few review comments in the UK
App Store claiming our game 帝國 Online “hacked” their iTunes accounts
to make in-app purchases. We would like to straighten out that Lakoo
have never performed such actions. Making unauthorized in-app
purchases are strictly against the law and should be prohibited in all
means necessary.

In fact, Lakoo have always been very focused on making good MMORPG for
our fans since its inception in 1999. 帝國 Online, in particular, has
over 5 millions registered players in China before its launch on App
Store. Funded by Sequoia Capital, we also take our brand very
seriously. Under no circumstances shall we take a shortcut that would
hurt our brand, our shareholders and most importantly, our gamers.

We have noticed such comments as soon as they were being made back in
October. For the good of our clients, we paid close attention to the
issue and notified Apple right away. Looking at the iTunes Store
comments, we realized the victims claimed that they had never
downloaded our app. It is technically impossible since in the first
place, leaving a comment on the App Store requires one to download the
title beforehand. Making an in-app purchase requires downloading of
an app too. iTunes account password is required before downloading.

Judging from these facts, we suspect there are people who hacked or
merely guessed the victims’ Apple ID/password and used them illegally
to make purchases. We are now investigating on this matter along with
Apple. We shall not allow such actions to continue. Meanwhile, it is
strongly advised that all gamers keep their iTunes account name secret
and password hard-to-guess.

Victims of this circumstance should not hesitate to contact us at
cs@lakoo.com, we shall follow up every case and make appropriate

We are very sorry for those who were affected in this incident. We
promise to give all the victims a proper explanation as well as
satisfactory arrangements.

Thank you for your attention.


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